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Founded in 1981, BONCATO S.r.l. in Arese (Province of Milan) falls under the category of small and medium size Italian businesses; since its foundation, the company has focused on the sale of special tool steels and high alloy steels.

BONCATO S.r.l. has always strongly believed in the specialisation of its clientele, in their technical programming skills and the professionalism and efficiency of its Team. Over time the company has successfully acquired a significant market share thanks to continuously new ideas, marketing activities and short, medium and long term programmes, aiming towards client satisfaction, an essential condition for the success of a modern, dynamic and qualified company.


BONCATO S.r.l. has in fact built a modern structure for itself, specialising its internal staff and its sales network, as well as being supported by a broad range of tool steels in its warehouse and automatic cutting equipment.


We boast an extremely vast machinery park of "Strong" chain saws capable of guaranteeing tolerance and a perfect quality cut.


We can therefore cut all types of steel, from the most common types to light alloys, and finally even superalloys.

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